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Version: V1

Quick start

Semaphore has been tested with Node 11.14.0. It will run with Node 12 LTE but we highly recommend using Node 11.14.0 if you wish to develop on its source code, as one of its dependencies, script, cannot compile when if you use Node 12.

Use nvm to manage your Node version.

Clone this repository, install dependencies, and build the source code:

git clone [email protected]:kobigurk/semaphore.git && \
cd semaphore && \
npm i && \
npm run bootstrap && \
npm run build

Note: we use lerna to manage the circuits, config, and contracts subpackages. Do not run npm install within any of these directories. Instead, just run npm run bootstrap in the main directory.

Next, either download the compiled zk-SNARK circuit, proving key, and verification key (note that these keys are for testing purposes, and not for production, as there is no certainty that the toxic waste was securely discarded).

To download the circuit, proving key, and verification key, run:

# Start from the base directory


To generate the above files locally instead, run:

# Start from the base directory


This process should take about 45 minutes.

Build the Solidity contracts (you need solc v 0.5.12 installed in your $PATH):

# Start from the base directory

cd contracts && \
npm run compileSol

Run tests while still in the contracts/ directory:

# The first command tests the Merkle tree contract and the second
# tests the Semaphore contract

npm run test-semaphore && \
npm run test-mt