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Community Proposal: Semaphore: Zero-Knowledge Signaling on Ethereum (Whitepaper v1) - Kobi Gurkan, Koh Wei Jie and Barry WhiteHat

To Mixers and Beyond: presenting Semaphore, a privacy gadget built on Ethereum - Koh Wei Jie

Semaphore V2 is Live! - Privacy and Scaling Explorations

Zero-Knowledge Group Membership Management With Semaphore - Laszlo Fazekas


Privacy in Ethereum - Barry WhiteHat at the Taipei Ethereum Meetup

Snarks for mixing, signaling and scaling by - Barry WhiteHat at Devcon 4

Privacy in Ethereum - Barry WhiteHat at Devcon 5

A trustless Ethereum mixer using zero-knowledge signalling - Koh Wei Jie and Barry WhiteHat at Devcon 5

Hands-on Applications of Zero-Knowledge Signalling - Koh Wei Jie at Devcon 5

Succinct Proofs in Ethereum - Barry WhiteHat during the 2nd ZKProof Workshop

Semaphore Roadmap for Ethereum - Barry WhiteHat at Zcon1

Proposal: Semaphore - Zero-Knowledge Signaling on Ethereum - Kobi Gurkan and Koh Wei Jie at ZKProof Home Edition

Anonymous Signalling on Ethereum - Cedoor at Devcon 6 Bogotá